GPU Fan Not Spinning? Quick Ways to Fix It

If your PC fans are not spinning properly, we have provided some quick fixes that may solve your problem right away.

GPU fans not spinning is a frustrating experience, and the problem can arise for different reasons. As a result, there are several solutions to fix it, and while some are quick and easy, others can be a bit more complex.

All technology users have experienced device malfunction at some point during use, it is common, and it happens to almost everyone. But when you see the sudden stop of the devices, it is alarming.

The GPU in the computer is one of the prominent components that need special care to keep the functionality in sync. While cooling is a crucial factor for its proper functioning.

However, if you are concerned about how to fix a GPU fan that is not spinning or spinning periodically, the answer is mostly found in simple solutions. I’ve looked at the clever ways they’ll help you out. But before that, let’s see what causes quiescence in GPU fans.

Why are my GPU fans not spinning or getting slow?

Many GPU fans don’t spin unless they reach a certain temperature range. Therefore, the passive cooling system becomes the last parameter of assistance to help get the noise along. Also, if you don’t clean the fan properly, the accumulated dust becomes the reason for the GPU fans not spinning as they should.

Not needed

Many of the GPU fans feature the pre-designed passive cooling heatsink. So when you’re browsing or doing light tasks, passive cooling kicks in. So if you notice that your GPU fans are not spinning, it’s not a big deal to worry.

Reboot the system

Remember when you were pretty new to using your PC and getting stuck at some point, you just decided to “reboot” the computer? Well, pressing the reset button is still an answer to many questions and concerns in the world of computers.

If the GPU fans are not spinning, the simple solution is to restart the computer. It refreshes apps in the background, and thus things are very likely to work effectively even more.

PC connectors


If the GPU fans not spinning is a hardware problem, the solution is most likely in the hardware. For the graphics processing unit, the power should be smooth and jitter-free. The GPU requires more power to produce its best.

So, to fix the GPU fan spinning wrong, please check the power connector whether they are connected securely or not. The 6-8 pin combo is what you normally have, and if it’s not connected properly, the fan is affected to spin.

The correct GPU located in the PCI-E slot is also an important factor. However, if the ports aren’t responding enough, shutting down the PC is something you can’t do anything about.


Using clogged machinery oil is not something only mechanics would use. If your GPU fans are not spinning and having trouble running, lubrication may be another solution.

When the fan bearings loosen or fade in the smooth spinning approach, the fan gets stuck, and that’s why you need to make the machinery work. It happens if your computer system is quite old. You can use the drops of any oil (besides cooking oils), such as sewing machine oil. All you have to do is:

  • Separate the sticker and remove the plastic case.
  • Drop drops of oil in a small amount onto the fan bearings. Make sure not to use too much oil. Or else you could end up dirtying the fan blades.

Remove Dust


If you make sure that the GPU fan is free of dirt and dust everywhere, you will also notice the efficient high-end output of the PC. Jam or malfunction may be caused by accumulated layers of dirt. So low spin means slow GPU fan movement.

The GPU fans steadily interact with dust particles that end up inside the computer. In the long run, this garbage stays on the fan. The issue is especially common if you do not clean the computer in the long run. So, removing dust around these fans can increase their efficiency and make them run faster.

Get help from software.

There are many programs and tools that will help you solve the problem of GPU fans not spinning. If the methods mentioned above do not work, please get the best drivers from Nvidia or AMD online websites. Install the drivers, and if you already have them, reinstall them.

However, if you have installed a driver that has just been updated, or perhaps the installation process is inaccurate, the GPU fan rotation may be affected.

Take care of the limits.

It is so important to understand that running heavy software or games tells you the real performance of your system. It is crucial to know how much load it can support. If the GPU fans are not spinning, you can run a game or install the MSI Afterburner tool, checking the fan speed in RPM.

Test the GPU fan

There is not always a straight answer to something. If your GPU fan is not working, you should try all possible ways to fix the problem. Test GPU fan on another test PC is an option that will tell you if the problem is with your PC or if the GPU fan is faulty.

And if the GPU fan spins as it should, your actual system motherboard may be the actual cause of the poor GPU fan spin. Replacing the motherboard may fix the problem in that case.

Replace the fan

And finally, if none of the solutions are working and the GPU fans are not spinning, you can also decisively replace the damaged fan with an efficient one. Old GPU fans in the tool decrease its efficient approach to spinning.

Also, when cleaning, greasing, and software assist are not working, the GPU fans not spinning issue is most likely the relevant hardware. Mechanical malfunction is obvious when you use it regularly and without interruption.

However, it is true that sometimes the problem is not so big. So always start from internal functions and then check hardware etc.

Also, a pro tip to keep your computer system and GPU fan performing at their best is thorough cleaning sessions. Vacuuming and checking internal components is a must from time to time.

Final words

If your GPU fans aren’t spinning the right way, the best thing to do is to ensure everything is properly connected and clean before taking more serious steps. Sometimes, these fans catch dust and become jammed. So, this issue can be sorted with proper cleaning measurements. We have suggested a ton of methods. Hopefully, some of them will work for you. If you have anything else to ask, please drop your message in the below comment section!


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