Dimensity 1100 vs 1200 vs Snapdragon 870 vs 888 – Antutu-Geekbench Scores

MediaTek Dimensity 1100 vs 1200 vs Snapdragon 870 vs 888 full in-depth comparison, Antutu-Geekbench Benchmark Scores, Specifications, CPU, GPU, 5G, and more

Once there was a time when MediaTek was one of the market leaders in the budget segment. Slowly but steadily, Qualcomm captured a major stack in almost every price segment. But MediaTek came back strongly to give some hard competition to Snapdragon chipsets. Recently, the company has launched two powerful SoCs named Dimensity 1100 and 1200, which compete against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 and 888 chipsets.

As we already know, most of the 2021 flagship phones are powered by the SD 888, while SD 870 is the upgraded version of Snapdragon 865+ for affordable high-end phones. This article will make an in-depth comparison between MediaTek Dimensity 1100 vs 1200 vs Snapdragon 870 vs 888. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

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MediaTek Dimensity 1100 vs 1200 vs Snapdragon 870 vs 888 Comparison

Processor10th Gen Intel Core 5
AMD Ryzen 5 4000
11th Gen Core i5 or i7
AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 5000
Storage256GB SSD512GB SSD
GPUAny GPU with 2GB VRAMNvidia GTX 1650 or better
Atleast 4GB VRAM
Screen Resolution1280 x 800p at 100% UI scaling1920 x 1080p or greater at 100% UI scaling

Source: Dimensity 1100, Dimensity 1200, Snapdragon 870, Snapdragon 888

Control Processing Unit (CPU)

The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 comes with a tri-clustered octa-core CPU with a base frequency of 2.0GHz for 4x Cortex-A55 cores. There is a high-frequency Cortex-A78 core clocked @3.0GHz followed by three other Cortex-A78 cores @2.6Ghz. The Snapdragon 870 also brings a tri-clustered octa-core CPU with slightly older Cortex-A77 high-end cores with up to 3.2 GHz clock speed. Similarly, there are four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores clocked @1.8Ghz.

As far as Snapdragon 888 is concerned, it follows the same three-cluster solution with the latest powerful Cortex-X1 core with a 2.84 GHz top frequency. There are three Cortex-A78 cores clock @2.42Ghz and four less-powerful Cortex-A55 cores @1.8Ghz. Lastly, Dimensity 1100 is the only one to arrive with an older dual-clustered Solution in this list. The chipset packs four powerful Cortex-A78 cores with 2.6 GHz clock speed and four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores @2.0Ghz.

The clock speed is not the only measurement to judge the performance of any chipset. But architecture also plays an important role when it comes to power efficiency. The Snapdragon 888 is built on Samsung’s highly power-efficient 5nm EUV fabrication. Both MediaTek chipsets are built on TSMS’s 6nm processing node, while Snapdragon uses a 7nm process from TSMS. All in all, Snapdragon 888 is combined with a powerful CPU and great power efficiency.

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Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The Graphics Processing Unit, AKA GPU, is an important component for playing high-end games and other graphics-intensive tasks. However, there is no direct comparison between MediaTek and Snapdragon as they use different kinds of graphics cards. But we will try to judge from benchmark scores. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 888 SoC packs the latest Adreno 660 GPU. It is 25% faster than the Adreno 650 used by Snapdragon 870.

On the other hand, both MediaTek Dimensity 1100 and 1200 use Mali-G77 MC9, a nine-core GPU. It was introduced in early 2020. This is the same GPU used by the Exynos 990. We have already seen several Samsung phones using the same GPU. There is no doubt the Mali-G77 is a high-end GPU nearly comparable to Adreno 650. But there are some compatibility issues for Android apps. There are always chances of having minor sluggishness on Mali GPUs.

If we compare Mali GPU against Adreno, then Adreno definitely performs better in the real-world test. Most of the Android games and apps are optimized for the Adreno GPUs. Hence, we can expect better performance from Snapdragon 870 and 888 for playing high-end games and other power-hungry applications. The Mali-G77 is also a powerful GPU. So, there shouldn’t be any major issues while playing high-end games on Dimensity-powered devices.

Artificial Inteligence (AI)

AI is the criteria where Snapdragon chipsets take a clear lead. Starting with Snapdragon 870, the chipset brings the 5th generation AI engine with a Hexagon 690. The dedicated AI processor is capable of performing up to 15 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS). Furthermore, Snapdragon 888 has a faster 6th generation AI engine with Hexagon 780 DSP. It can go up to 26 TOPS.

Both MediaTek Dimensity chipsets also have dedicated AI hardware, which the company calls APU 3.0. It is a Hexa-Core processor specially designed for the AI task. There is a separate gaming feature named HyperEngine 3.0, which helps to optimize games. Overall, both Snapdragon and MediaTek focus on AI capabilities. But Snapdragon takes the lead with more powerful AI hardware.


Whenever we talk about connectivity, we can’t neglect the importance of 5G. The good thing is that all the chipsets support 5th generation internet. The Snapdragon 888 arrives with an integrated Snapdragon X60 modem, which delivers up to 7.5Gbps download and 3Gbps upload speed.

Moreover, Snapdragon 870 has an optional Snapdragon x55 modem with similar kinds of internet speeds. The difference between these two chipsets is latest Snapdragon X60 modem is more optimized and mandatory to provide 5G support for Snapdragon 888-powered smartphones.

On the other hand, both MediaTek Dimensity 1100 & Dimensity 1200 also arrive with built-in 5G compatibility. The MediaTek 5G modem offers 4.7Gbps download and 2.5Gbps upload speed. Apart from that, all the chipsets grab dual-mode 5G with SA & NSA options. All the remaining essential connectivity options are available such as Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6, and GPS.

Antutu-Geekbench Benchmark Scores


Antutu Scores

Starting with MediaTek Dimensity 1100, the chipset scores 6,09,479 points in the Antutu v8 test. The Dimensity 1200 gets 6,22,409 points in the same test. On the other hand, SD 870 brings nearly identical scores to Dimensity 1200 with 6,30,900 points in the Antutu v8 test. Finally, SD 888 tops the chart with 7,18,858 points as expected.

Undoubtedly, Qualcomm’s flagship creation SD 888, is the clear winner with a heavy lead over Dimensity 1200 and SD 870. Meanwhile, Dimensity 1100 is positioned in last place. But it gives meaningful competition to other SoCs in every measurement.

Geekbench Scores

There is nothing unexpected in the Geekbench 5 test. The least powerful among these chipsets, Dimensity 1100, scores 714 points in the single-core and 2,976 points in the multi-core results. The Demensity 1200 scores 963 points in single-core and 3,393 points in multi-core. Speaking to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 870 takes over with 1,024 points in single-core results and 3,482 points in multi-core tests.


The most powerful Snapdragon 888 wins the race with 1,127 points in single-core and 3,728 points in multi-core Geekbench 5 test. Antutu & Geekbench scores clearly indicate that Snapdragon 888 is the top scorer with the most powerful hardware. When we compare Dimensity 1200 vs Snapdragon 870, both are nearly equivalent in both the benchmark tests with a slight lead taken by the Snapdragon 870.

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Final Conclusion – Which one is better?

As you might have expected, Snapdragon 888 is the clear winner among them. There is no doubt Qualcomm is still producing more advanced chipsets compared to MediaTek. But when it comes to affordability, MediaTek has its own place. Both Dimensity 1100, 1200 are designed for affordable smartphones with flagship-level performance. These two chipsets stand between the premium and mid-range segments.

The MediaTek Dimensity 1200 is comparable to Snapdragon 870. It provides almost similar benchmark scores. Therefore, we can expect similar performance. But Snapdragon 870 has some advantages, such as a more optimized GPU and advanced connectivity features. Lastly, Dimensity 1100 is the least powerful chipset among all of them. You can call it a cheaper solution for gaming phones.

As you might be aware, the “Dimensity” series is specially designed for gaming lovers and integrated 5G support. Hence, the Dimensity 1100 comes in handy for gaming lovers at a much lower price. Wrapping it up, Snapdragon 888 is the winner, followed by Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 1200, and Dimensity 1100. What are your thoughts? Do let’s know in the below comment section!

Winner: SD 888 > SD 870 > Dimensity 1200 > Dimensity 1100

SD 870= Snapdragon 870
SD 888= Snapdragon 888


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