Snapdragon 750G vs 765G vs 732G, Antutu-Geekbench Benchmark Scores

Snapdragon 750G vs 765G vs 732G full in-depth comparison, Antutu-Geekbench Benchmarking scores, CPU, GPU, and final conclusion.

Snapdragon 7 series’ SoCs are known for their value-for-money package. They provide flagship-like performance at a reasonable price. In 2020, Snapdragon 730G was a really very popular mid-range SoC, along with the Snapdragon 765G being one of the best upper mid-range mobile processors. But the Snapdragon 7 series has got a fresh new entry of new performers, namely, the Snapdragon 750G, 765G, and 732G.

In this particular article, I am going to make a complete side-by-side comparison of these processors, i.e., Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G vs Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 732G comparison. I’ll be comparing each and every aspect of the mobile processors, including the specifications, AnTuTu-Geekbench Benchmarks, CPU performance, GPU performance, etc. So sit back tight, and here we go.

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Snapdragon 750G vs 765G vs 732G Comparison

Snapdragon 750gSnapdragon 765gSnapdragon 732g
CPU2x Cortex-A77 @2.2Ghz
6x Cortex-A55 @1.8Ghz
1x Cortex-A76 @2.4Ghz
1x Cortex-A76 @2.2Ghz
6x Cortex-A55 @1.8Ghz
2x Cortex-A76 @2.3Ghz
6x Cortex-A55 @1.8Ghz
GPUAdreno 619Adreno 620Adreno 618
Process8nm LPP7nm EUV LPP8nm LPP
ISPSpectra 355LSpectra 355Spectra 355
DSPHexagon 694Hexagon 696Hexagon 688
ModemSnapdragon X52
Download: 3.7 Gbps (5G), 1.2 Gbps (LTE)
Upload: 1.6 Gbps (5G), 210 Mbps (LTE)
Snapdragon X52
Download: 3.7 Gbps (5G), 1.2 Gbps (LTE)
Upload: 1.6 Gbps (5G), 210 Mbps (LTE)
Snapdragon X15 LTE
Download: 800 Mbps
Upload: 150 Mbps
DisplayFHD+ @120Hz
QHD @60Hz
FHD+ @120Hz
QHD+ @60Hz
UHD @60Hz
FHD+ @120Hz
QHD+ @60Hz
Antutu3,10,000 (approx.)3,15,000 (approx.)2,85,000 (approx.)
GeekbenchSingle-Core: 622
Multi-Core: 1799
Single-Core: 599
Multi-Core: 1798
Single-Core: 571
Multi-Core: 1818

Fabrication Process & Power Efficiency

The efficiency department of every SoC is pretty strong and promises great power-efficient performance. The Snapdragon 750G and 732G are using 8nm LPP fabrication from Samsung, and the Snapdragon 765G comes with 7nm EUV LPP fabrication from Samsung. It is the definitive thing that SD 765G has a slight edge in the fabrication process over the rest of the two and will be slightly more efficient.

CPU Performance

The Snapdragon 750G and 732G use a dual-cluster design, whereas the Snapdragon 765G has a tri-cluster design, which is obviously better. But there is one that matters more, and that is the fact that SD 750G has new Cortex-A77 performance cores, which are limited to Cortex-A76 in the rest of the two.

There are two Cortex-A77 cores and six Cortex-A55 cores on the SD 750G. Snapdragon 732G also shares the same core configuration but uses C-A76 cores instead of C-A77. Coming to the clock speed, the SD 750 and 732G’s performance cores are clocked at 2.2GHz and 2.3GHz, respectively, whereas the efficiency cores are at the same clock speed of 1.8GHz.

Shifting toward Snapdragon 765G, there are two Cortex-A76 cores at 2.4GHz and 2.2GHz along with six Cortex-A55 efficiency cores at 1.8GHz. Here you can see that the efficiency cores are just the same in all three SoCs. However, the performance cores are at the max clock speed in SD 765G, followed by the Snapdragon 732G and then the Snapdragon 750G.

But the Cortex-A77 comes with 20% performance improvements over the Cortex-A76. Hence, the 750G can outperform the 732G and can have a performance comparable to the 765G.

GPU & Gaming performance

The GPU performance of the Qualcomm chips has been due to the company’s amazing Adreno GPUs. All three chips there use different versions of the Adreno GPUs. The GPUs of these snapdragon SoCs are as follows:

  • Snapdragon 750G: Adreno 619
  • Snapdragon 765G: Adreno 620
  • Snapdragon 732G: Adreno 618

The numeric naming of the Adreno GPUs can easily give you an idea of their performance levels. The Snapdragon 750G SoC has 10% better overall GPU performance over the Snapdragon 730G, whereas the Snapdragon 732G’s GPU has 15% faster graphics rendering over the SD 730G.

Coming to the SD 765G, there is a 38% improved GPU performance over the Snapdragon 730G, which is a really very big boost. Hence the SD 765G has the best GPU performance, followed by the Snapdragon 750G and then the Snapdragon 732G.

AnTuTu-Geekbench Benchmarks

Snapdragon 750G vs 765G vs 732G Antutu Scores
Snapdragon 750G vs 765G vs 732G Antutu Scores

AnTuTu Benchmark Scores

Talking about the AnTuTu V8 scores of the SoC, the Snapdragon 765G has been recorded with an average score of 3,15,000 points, whereas the Snapdragon 750G also has a pretty comparable score of 3,10,000 points. Talking about the Snapdragon 732G, then its AnTuTu score is about 2,85,000 points.

Geekbench Benchmark Scores

Snapdragon 750G vs 765G vs 732G Geekbench 5 Scores
Snapdragon 750G vs 765G vs 732G Geekbench 5 Scores

The Geekbench scores of the SoCs are pretty close and also a bit confusing. Here is how the Geekbench scores tell the story

  • Snapdragon 750G: 622 (Single-Core), 1799 (Multi-Core)
  • Snapdragon 765G: 599 (Single-Core), 1798 (Multi-Core)
  • Snapdragon 732G: 571 (Single-Core), 1818 (Multi-Core)

AI Performance & Machine Learning

The Snapdragon 765G has the best hardware for AI and Machine Learning performance due to the Qualcomm Hexagon 696 DSP + Qualcomm 5th Gen AI Engine. Along with this AI hardware, CPU, and GPU, the SoC can have up to 5.4TOPS of AI speed. This AI speed comes down to 4TOPS on shifting to Snapdragon 750G. This ship has the Hexagon 694 DSP and the same 5th Gen AIE.

The lowest AI performance is in the Snapdragon 732G, which is just a tweaked version of the SD 730G SoC. Both SoCs share the same Hexagon 688 DSP, which is a decent DSP and has been coupled with the 4th Gen AI engine.

ISP & Memory Controller

The ISPs of all the chips are pretty identical, being the Spectra 355, 355L, and 350 ISPs inside the SD 765G, 750G, and 732G SoCs, respectively. There could be a difference b/w Spectra 350 and 355 ISPs the 355 and 355L are really very close ISPs.

The camera support is also the same in all the chips. It has 22+22MP dual-Camera and 36MP Single cameras (boost up to 192MP) that these processors support. Video recording of up to 4k @ 30fps is also common, along with a 10-bit HDR pipeline.

The RAM support of LPDDR4X is also common to these chips, but the RAM speeds are different. The SD 765G and 750G support 2133MHz (17.0GB/s) RAM, whereas the SD 732G supports 1866MHz (14.9GB/s) of RAM.


Both Snapdragon 765G and 750G are 5G SoCs and come with an integrated 5G modem, i.e., the Qualcomm X52 5G modem. This modem supports both 4G and 5G connectivity. It can have up to 1.2Gbps D/L and 210Mbps U/L in 4G LTE and up to 3.7Gbps D/L and 1.6Gbps U/L speeds in 5G.

Talking about the Snapdragon 732G, it’s a 4G SoC that comes with the Qualcomm X15 LTE modem and supports up to 800Mbps D/L and 150Mbps U/L speeds.

Conclusion – Which Is Better?

The Snapdragon 765G is definitely the best performer among all three. But talking about the best price-performance ratio, it can be seen in the Snapdragon 750G. This is because the SD 750G is equivalent to SD 765G in performance but comes at a lower price and is a better deal.

The Snapdragon 732G is just a revised version of SD 730G and is not a 5G SoC, which could be a problem when it comes to future-proofing. Because 5G connectivity is going to be all around the globe very soon and being ready for that is a good option.

Final Winner: Snapdragon 765G > 750G > 732G


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