Best IPTV Players for Windows 11 [2024]

Best IPTV Players for Windows 10/8/7/XP in 2024 to watch your favorite TV channels on your Windows PC. IPTV setup guide and how does it works.

No entertainment media can replace the experience of watching Television. Maybe this is why people still watch online Television even when a much huge content database of content is already available on the Internet. But I can understand. TV has its own fan base and the convenience of switching b/w different content very quickly.

IPTV Players have played a huge role in spreading online television broadcasting over the Internet. If you don’t know what IPTV is, then you’re probably watching online Television in the wrong fashion or still on a cable/satellite TV connection.

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What Is IPTV? How Does IPTV Work?

IPTV is Internet-based Protocol Television, which is an internet-based broadcasting module for online streaming via any digital platform and device. You can use IPTV players to access your live television on the go. Not just that, IPTV Players also provide facilities like on-demand video services and live internet radio.

IPTV is an internet-based streaming service. You can call it a browser for online video content. Under the umbrella of IPTV, all-digital television services are provided via Internet protocol technology.

You can say that the old satellite or cable TV connection has been replaced by an internet connection to access TV services. To access the IPTV content, you need to subscribe to such sort of online TV service that your IPTV player will stream using the internet.

Best IPTV Players for Windows PC in 2024

All in all, IPTV players are a must-have thing if you have switched to the internet from cable/satellite TV connections. Here are some of the best IPTV Players that you can use on your Windows PC for free.

VLC Media Player


VLC Media Player is a crazy stuff-packed software that has a lot of capabilities. One of those features is its ability to stream IPTV channels. There are possibilities that you are already using VLC Player on your PC for offline media playback.

Now you can use the same software to access the IPTV content as well. Just put the URL of the video or live TV stream in the Open Network Stream, and you are good to go.

Kodi IPTV Addon


Kodi is one of the best and most popular media services. But it can also be used as an IPTV Player for your device. It is extremely versatile and has tons of add-ons to expand its functionality in any aspect of entertainment.

Kodi has its own IPTV add-on that can fulfill the requirement of a good IPTV Player. This add-on is available for almost every platform and so is its add-on. Simply go to Kodi > click Add-Ons > Install from repository > PVR Clients > choose PVR IPTV Simple Client and click Install. Afterward, you are ready to enjoy IPTV programs in your KODI IPTV play. Hence you can use Kodi and its IPTV add-on on your Windows PC without any problem.


Next on our list is Plex. Plex is a well-known and widely used IPTV Player that provides inline streaming services like Video-On-Demand (VoD) and Online Live TV. Plex is available for all platforms and can transcode all media files to avoid unwanted buffering.

Plex software users often talk about its simple and plain UI. But in my opinion, as far as the content and service are good, the interface wouldn’t be a problem. It is straightforward to set up Plex. First of all, you need to sign up, then launch the Cigaras IPTV channel and select Channels under the online content head category. Following this, you need to navigate to the IPTV addon and click on “Settings.” Paste the URL of your IPTV .m3u file, followed by a click on the “Save” button. Now, you are ready to stream IPTV on Plex.

Free TV Player

Windows PC can also be used for IPTV content by using this software. If you were looking for a decent IPTV player with no powerful features, you could go for the Free TV Player. It has a simple operating interface. It simply uses the m3u file system to serve content like TV Channels, TV Shows, Movies, and Internet Radio.

To use Free TV Player, Launch the Free TV Player app on your Windows PC. Then, enter the URL of the M3U playlist offered by the IPTV service provider. Thereafter, select your favorite channel and click on the play button. That’s how you can easily watch IPTV services using the Free TV player.


The next IPTV Player on our list is IPTV. Now it can fool some users at first glance that it’s an official IPTV software. But it’s not. However, it doesn’t mean that the software is of no use.

In fact, IPTV can be a really nice IPTV player for your PC. It has a pretty nice interface that can be easily operated without any problem. Just give it the URL of your IPTV Playlist. It will load all the channels, and you are good to go.

Simple TV

Simple TV is quite a popular IPTV player that many IPTV users are using. The software supports LUA scripts and much more. You can download the IPTV playlists created by other users.

Simple TV IPTV player is directed toward users who love to have a simple and free-to-use online TV experience. Simple TV software can also bring you radio channels that you can listen to radio online as well.


GSE Smart IPTV was made for Android users, but it can now be used on Windows PC using third-party emulators. The app is available on the Google play store to watch. It is one of the most popular Android apps for IPTV. To get it worked with Windows PC, you can install any popular Android emulator like Blustacks.

Afterward, install the GSE Smart IPTV from the Google Play store you do on your Android phone. Enter the URL and upload your M3U playlist. After clicking on the “OK” button, you are ready to watch your favorite TV channel or other multimedia content available on this app. The app is also available on the Apple store in case you are using an iOS device.

MyIPTV Player

Another truster and reliable IPTV player on our list is MyIPTV Player. The software supports HTTP Live Streaming and MPEG TS, automatically categorizing IPTV channels based on channel data.

It also provides facilities like recording and taking screenshots of the content. The MyIPTV Player software provides a well-built environment for IPTV services. You can load m3u format playlists from your local storage or any remote source to load the IPTV channels.

ProgTV / ProgDVB

ProgTV or ProgDVB is an all-rounder universal TV player using which you can watch all the radio broadcasts and all the TV Channels online over one interface. The software has many inbuilt features that help the user do things like viewing 8 different channels simultaneously.

It also supports 3D television along with the availability of all the basic remote controls. ProgTV/ProgDVB also makes it possible to record the content in all mainstream formats.

OTT Player

If you are looking for an advanced IPTV player for your Windows digital device, OTT Player can be a great option. The GSE Smart IPTV software is among the most advanced IPTV players that you can use right now.

Hence it gives the capability to access all the freely available content over the internet. Alongside being an advanced IPTV solution, the software is pretty simple and user-friendly. If you love the software, then it is also available for Android, windows, and Mac platforms for seamless continuity of what you watch through the player.

Setup Guide

  • You need to sign up at
  • Download the app via the provided link.
  • Just add the login credentials you have added while registering on the website.
  • Now, you are ready to stream IPTV on OTT Player.

IPTV Smarters Pro


This is another prominent free IPTV Player for Windows PC. The Video Player is capable of supporting all the major video formats, including 4K. If you have missed any show, it let you record TV shows anytime so that you can watch them later. Moreover, it offers some of the major IPTV APIs, including Xtream Codes, StreamCreed, Xtream UI, etc. The IPTV Smarters Pro supports the playlist format and m3u URL.

You just need to upload the playlist file or enter the URL to play your favorite TV channel or other content. To enhance the security, the player arrives with VPN functionality, where you can use your VPN credentials to get it worked for IPTV. Other than Windows PC, the app is available for other major platforms such as Android, Mac, and iOS. You can give it a try if you are looking for a free IPTV player.

Advantages of Using IPTV

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, offers numerous advantages that have contributed to its popularity and widespread adoption. Below, I’ll outline some of the key advantages of IPTV in detail.

Wide Range of Content: IPTV provides access to a vast array of television channels and content. Users can enjoy live TV broadcasts, on-demand movies and shows, sports events, news, music, documentaries, and more. The content selection is typically broader than what traditional cable or satellite providers offer, as IPTV can tap into international channels and niche content.

Global Access: IPTV allows users to access content from different countries and regions around the world. This is particularly beneficial for expatriates or individuals interested in international programming. It enables them to stay connected to their home country’s TV shows, news, and culture.

Cost Effective: IPTV can provide cost savings compared to traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions. Users can customize their channel selection, avoiding unnecessary costs for channels they don’t watch. Additionally, IPTV eliminates the need for additional equipment like cable boxes or satellite dishes, reducing installation and maintenance expenses.

High-Quality Video and Audio: IPTV delivers high-quality video and audio streaming. The content is transmitted over IP networks, allowing for efficient compression and transmission, resulting in clear and crisp visuals. Furthermore, advancements in streaming technology, such as adaptive streaming, ensure that the video quality adjusts based on the viewer’s internet connection speed, delivering a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Multi-Device Support: IPTV services are compatible with multiple devices, which means users can watch their favorite content on different screens simultaneously. For example, one family member can watch a movie on the smart TV, while another streams a different channel on a tablet or smartphone. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for households with multiple viewers and diverse content preferences.

Customizable Channel Lineup: IPTV allows users to customize their channel lineup based on their preferences. Instead of subscribing to bulky channel packages that include channels they rarely watch, users can select the channels they want and create a personalized lineup. This customization ensures a more cost-effective and tailored TV experience.

On-Demand Content: One of the significant advantages of IPTV is the availability of on-demand content. Users can access a vast library of movies, TV shows, and other programs whenever they want. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who prefer to binge-watch their favorite shows or catch up on missed episodes.

Interactive Features: IPTV enables interactive features that enhance the viewing experience. Users can pause, rewind, or fast-forward live TV, giving them greater control over their entertainment. Additionally, interactive features like video-on-demand (VOD), catch-up TV, electronic program guides (EPG), and personalized recommendations allow users to tailor their viewing experience to their preferences.

Flexibility and Convenience: IPTV allows users to watch their favorite content on various devices, such as smart TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones, and set-top boxes. This flexibility enables users to access their preferred content anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. It eliminates the need for traditional TV antennas or satellite dishes.

Disadvantages of Using IPTV

While IPTV offers several advantages, it’s important to consider some of the potential disadvantages associated with this technology. Here are a few drawbacks of IPTV:

Internet Dependency: IPTV heavily relies on a stable and high-speed internet connection. Users with slow or unreliable internet connections may experience buffering, interruptions, or poor video quality. In areas with limited internet infrastructure or during peak usage times, the performance of IPTV services may suffer.

Bandwidth Consumption: Streaming IPTV content consumes significant amounts of internet bandwidth. If users have limited data caps or pay for data usage, continuous streaming can quickly consume their allocated data allowance. This can lead to additional costs or restrictions on usage, particularly for users with metered or limited internet plans.

Content Delivery Limitations: The availability of certain channels or content can be limited in IPTV services. Some channels or content providers may not have licensing agreements or distribution rights for specific regions. As a result, users may not be able to access certain channels or programs they desire, especially if they have a particular preference for localized or regional content.

Reliance on Service Providers: IPTV services are typically provided by third-party service providers. Users are dependent on the quality, reliability, and customer support of these providers. If a service provider faces technical issues, server outages, or poor customer service, it can impact the user’s IPTV experience.

Legal and Copyright Concerns: While IPTV itself is a legitimate technology, there are illegal IPTV services that offer unauthorized or pirated content. Using such services not only violates copyright laws but also deprives content creators and copyright holders of their rightful revenue. Users must ensure they subscribe to legal and licensed IPTV services to support the content industry ethically.

Limited Control over Content: Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV, where content is delivered and managed by the service provider, IPTV relies on internet-based content delivery. This means that the availability and quality of content are dependent on the service provider’s agreements with content providers. If a service provider fails to renew licensing agreements or experiences content disputes, it may result in the removal or unavailability of certain channels or programs.

Security and Privacy Risks: IPTV services require users to share personal information, such as email addresses, payment details, and viewing preferences, with the service provider. This raises concerns about data privacy and security. Users should ensure they choose reputable and trusted service providers that prioritize data protection measures and employ secure encryption protocols.

All in all, It’s essential to weigh these disadvantages against the benefits of IPTV and choose a reliable and reputable service provider to mitigate potential issues and enjoy a satisfactory viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it legal to use IPTV Player?

Yes, it is legal to watch content on IPTV Player. But the only condition is that streamed content should be authenticated and legit.

Is it free to stream IPTV?

Yes, there are some free IPTV Players available in the market, which we have listed above. But if you want some premium features, you need to pay a specific amount according to which IPTV Player you are using.

What are the main services offered by IPTV?

IPTV offers several streaming services, including Video-On-Demand (VoD), Live TV, Catch Up TV, Media Streaming, and many more.

Is there any alternative to IPTV?

Yes, some OTT platforms offer similar content, such as Hulu TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. But for watching Live TV, IPTV is the best platform.

Bottom Line

So there were some of the best IPTV players that you can use on your Windows PC right away. It was quite difficult to choose the IPTV Players as hundreds of such software were available out there.

But still, I have tried my best and have brought you some of the best IPTV Players available out there. I hope that this list was helpful enough for you to get started with a good IPTV player. If you have any other recommended IPTV players that I have missed, you can tell us in the comments below.


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