15 websites to watch TV shows online for free [2024]

Best Websites to Watch Latest TV Shows and Movies Online for Free, Viral Videos, Daily Soaps, Anime TV Shows, Cartoon Movies, HD Videos

The online world is so much fascinating and capable of doing so many extraordinary things. The internet has made a lot of things possible, which were hectic a couple of years back. One such thing is online entertainment. Internet and online presence have made entertainment a lot more fun and easily accessible to every individual on planet Earth.

TV Shows & Movies, once only available on Television with a separate TV connection, are not just a few clicks away from us. All thanks to the internet and so many available websites on the Internet that made this thing possible. TV Shows are no more restricted to just Television but can be accessed anytime, anywhere, based on a person’s choice and schedule.

No one needs to shift his schedule depending on the TV Show’s timing, and anyone can watch any episode any time he wants. This is the flexibility that Online TV Shows websites provide to their users. Here in this post, I will talk about some of the best and most popular websites that you can use to watch your TV Shows and Movies online for absolutely free.

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Best websites to watch TV shows & Movies online for free

Here are the top 15 websites to watch FREE TV shows and movies online:



Popcornflix is a website, or you can say an OTT platform that provides Movies, TV Shows, and Viral videos online for free. It is a legal website and has nothing related to the piracy of the content. Screen Media Ventures is the owner of Popcornflix, and the content available on the website is entirely legal to watch.

Popcornflix has permission for all the available TV Shows, Movies, and Viral Videos that you watch on the website. It also has content made by Popcornflix itself and can be found under the Popcornflix Originals section.

Website: https://www.popcornflix.com/



The next website on our list is Soap2day. Its name is relatable to daily soaps, and yes, the website has a pretty substantial amount of TV Shows and Daily Soaps that you can watch for completely free. The Soap2Day is a general entertainment website that contains Movies, TV Shows, and Sports Events.

Talking specifically about TV Shows, the website is completely up to the mark and can easily relieve your hunger for top-rated TV Shows. The website is on point with regular updates of the latest episodes and the facility to watch any episode of the past. Website:




If you are a decently active user of online movie websites, you might be familiar with AZ Movies. If not, let me tell you that it is a trendy online movie streaming website because it provides free content to its users.

Why am I talking about this movie website? Because, besides movies, the same website has its subsidiary website called Noxx, which is dedicated to high-quality TV Shows, just like AZ Movies is dedicated to movie content. You can try Noxx as one of your free online TV Shows websites.

Website: https://noxx.to/


Primewire is a very successful and well-known destination for online users to stream free quality content. The website has a general approach to entertainment content, containing Movies and TV Series. Hence, the website can be used by both movie and TV Show lovers.

It has a dedicated TV Series section for TV Show watchers specifically. PrimeWire is definitely a prime destination for free online entertainment content, including the latest and hottest TV Shows. The streaming service is on point and can be accessed via one simple click on the TV Show. You can also select different episodes from different seasons as well.

Website: https://primewire.show/


Another good option for you can be the Shush. No! I am not telling you to be quiet. It is actually the name of the website, “Shush.” Just like its name, the content available here is also unique and fun. You will find most of the popular TV Shows on this website along with Reality Shows.

The website has dedicated TV Shows and a Reality TV section for watching your favorite TV show for free. The website is a bit classic and retro-looking, which might not be as appealing as its quality but is still bearable.

Website: https://www.shush.se/

TV Muse

TV Muse is another paradise for online TV Show watchers. It has some of the best quality TV Shows that it provides for free to its users. The TV Muse website is primarily dedicated to providing TV Shows to its viewers, but it also has a separate Movies section as well.

There are options like TV Listing and Calendar on the website that can be used to find the best and latest TV Shows available on the site. It has tons of finished seasons of popular TV Shows along with the regular addition of new ones.

Website: https://tvmuse.cc/


Yes, the website is fully up to what its name promises. It provides free content to watch online; that’s why it’s here on my list, obviously. WatchFree is a really, very nice, and extremely popular free online streaming website with millions of monthly visitors.

WatchFree has an adorable interface and feels like you are using some premium streaming service. The website is mainly a movie website, but you can also use it as a free TV Shows streaming website. It has a separate TV Series section for that. Website:




Couchtuner is another prominent and reliable place to watch free TV Series online. It is among some of the best online TV Series streaming websites used by millions of users worldwide every month. You can join this colossal crowd without any hesitation and enjoy the same fun experienced by its regular users.

It has sections like Trending Shows and All Time Favs, making it easier to decide the best TV series for you. There are tons of options available on the Couchtuner website for the different tastes of different viewers. Using the CouchTuner website, you can surely tune your living room couch and get an enjoyable experience. Website:



The Flixtor is just purely dedicated to TV Series lovers. The whole website is made to provide high-quality TV Show episodes and seasons for free. You can switch to Flixtor for any TV Show you want to watch. It has separate options like TV Shows and TV Episodes to find any specific TV Show or an episode of your choice.

It also has a VIP section for the paid membership that provides all the content with an ad-free experience. Flixton also provides an episode downloading facility of high quality to its VIP members.

Website: https://flixtor.is/


The name of the website defines itself. ProjectFreeTV is a website dedicated to bringing the Television world over the internet for free. ProjectFreeTV is a huge website that consists of a variety of TV content in high-quality content.

Some TV Shows are completed with all the episodes of every season, and some get updated on new episodes regularly. ProjectFreeTV is an entirely free website to watch free TV Series and Shows anytime and anywhere online. Its been in the business for a couple of years and is a well-known place for free TV content.

Website: https://projectfreetv.fun/


Cineb.net is a fairly new website, and there are chances that you have not heard about this website before. But don’t worry about the website being a new one in the business. It has some of the best collections of TV Shows and Movies that you can watch for free without any problem.

The cineb.net is currently providing TV and Web series whose count is increasing rapidly on the website. There is a cineb.net android app that can reduce your lengthy daily visiting of the cineb.net website, and you can watch the content directly from the Android app.

Website: https://cineb.net/


WatchSeries website is currently having monthly pageviews of about 25 million. This is an incredibly insane number and speaks entirely in favor of how good the website is for online watching. As its name suggests, the WatchSeries website provides tons of TV and Web series to stream online for free.

The website is fully devoted to TV and Web series and provides the latest episodes regularly with no compromise on the content’s quality. Its TV Schedule section makes it easier to find which episodes were uploaded on which day on the website.

Website: https://www4.watchserieshd.tv/


TinyZoneTV is a complete TV Zone that you can access via the web but is not tiny by any means. The website is loaded with an enormous amount of HD TV Series and Shows, distributed among various genres. When I first opened the website, it gave me a similar feeling to a night-mode version of YouTube.

The website is nice looking, and the streaming service is on point with minimal to no downtime. TinyZoneTV provides many streaming servers for every single episode to provide a nonstop entertainment experience. You can use the TinyZoneTV website without any hesitation and at no cost.

Website: https://tinyzonetv.to/

Watch Free TV Shows & Movies – FAQ

What website can I watch for free TV shows?

I have already provided the best websites that you can use to watch free TV Shows online. To name a few, Flixtor, WatchSeries, Popcornflix, ProjrctFreeTV, and cineb.net are the website you can start from. And for more websites, you can visit the list given above.

Are free websites legal and safe to watch movies online?

Yes, most of the websites are safe and legal to use in the public domain, like Popcornflix. But some websites don’t have authorized permission to broadcast the content online for free but are still doing this. Such websites are piracy websites and may or may not be legal and safe to use.

Bottom Line

Watching anything online is really very easy and convenient compared to watching on TV. This is because the TV is a fixed-place device, whereas the internet is also available on our mobile devices. Using mobile devices, we get the flexibility to watch anything anytime and anywhere we want, based on our choice. Hence shifting to online TV shows & movie websites is definitely a good and convenient option, and if it’s free, it becomes kind of a must to do things.

This article was all about the best websites to visit to watch free TV shows and movies online. I have listed a bunch of such websites that belong to the best of the best. You can use these websites anytime, and from anywhere you want. I hope that this list was helpful to you. If you have any of the websites that I have missed and think should be there, then comment on that website below.


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