10 Best Camera Apps for Android [2024]

The camera has become an essential feature of modern-day smartphones. Here are the top 10 best camera apps to optimize the Android camera.

Android is one of the most used operating systems on smartphones. It offers great options for customization and support for millions of apps for almost every need. One of the most crucial aspects of a phone is its camera. Many buyers buy smartphones based on their camera performance and software optimization. Hence, companies are also emphasizing a lot on the camera in their smartphones.

As a result, many companies use their camera app with their own set of software processing for clicked images. Those camera apps are useful, but it doesn’t mean that the camera performance can’t be improved. Android has incredibly vast support for third-party apps, including camera apps.

Using a third-party camera app can be a good choice for improving your phone’s camera performance. These apps can provide you with a lot of flexibility and camera options. From apps with fun effects to apps with many pro camera features, here is our list of the best camera apps that you can use on your Android smartphone.

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Top 10 Best Camera Apps for Android in 2024

Here are the top 10 best camera apps for Android to try out in 2024:

Open Camera


Let’s start our list with an open-source and free camera app, Open Camera. The Open Camera app is a really popular and featureful camera app that can be used by professionals as well as beginners. The Open Camera has one of the most prominent pro features that any professional user can think of in a smartphone, including manual camera controls.

The app comes with features like support for an external microphone, timer, exposure bracketing, HDR, and many more features. Open Camera is a complete camera app that can provide full flexibility to its user on its phone camera.


Bacon Camera


Bacon camera might seem a pretty funny name for a camera app, but the app comes out to be a pretty decent option. The app has all the essential features and provides reasonable control over the camera hardware.

It has all the required features like control over focus, white balance, exposure compensation, ISO, and more, along with support for DNG and RAW formats. The app also doesn’t require Camera2API to work on your device, and its compatibility is suitable for almost all smartphones.


Filmic Pro


Looking for a premium camera app? Try Filmic Pro. Filmic Pro costs a pretty decent amount considering a camera app, but it also comes with unique features. The app UI is commendable, first of all. It comes with convenient on-screen sliders to control things like focus and exposure.

It has a white balance matrix and a gamma curve control that helps pro clickers an edge in mobile photography. The app also gets frequent updates from the developer to fix bugs and add new features.


Google Camera


Google or GCAM Ports is a pioneer in smartphone cameras. Pixel smartphones are the best in the business, and all of that stunning image quality comes from Google’s software optimization. Google Camera’s software algorithms are something every smartphone users want in its smartphone. And it’s not mandatory to buy a Google pixel for that camera experience.

You can get that camera processing within your smartphone by installing just Google’s Camera. Some so many third-party developers who make GCam ports for other smartphones. You can find one for your smartphone and can get that stunning quality on your phone. But it may require some technical knowledge.


Manual Camera


The Manual Camera is a Camera2API-enabled third-party app. As its name suggests, the app is made to provide manual controls of the camera to the user, typically not available in the phone’s default camera app. The manual camera was one of the first apps that took Camer2API into account for better camera control.

The app is pretty old and doesn’t have a good track record of getting updates. But however it is, it just works fine for any android device having Camera2API. If you want a simple camera app for all the basic pro features, you can try the Manual Camera app.


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DSLR Camera Pro 


Many professionals use DSLRs because of their manual operation and more control over the clicks. With a mission to provide most of these features to an Android camera, the DSLR Camera app is available for Android.

The app has been made by Geeky Devs Studio, the same developer that has made the Manual Camer app. Both the apps aim to provide pro-control, but this one is newer than the Manual Camera. You could try this one as well if the developer’s previous camera app did not convince you.


Camera MX


If you need a simple camera app for your Android phone with all the necessary camera features, you can try the Camera MX app. The app is focused on delivering a simple and easy-to-use camera experience and hence doesn’t come with a lot of Pro and powerful features.

One cool feature of this app is that you can make GIFs right inside the app. It also comes with a decent photo editor with all the required basic editing features. Camera MX is quite an old app and is in the business for quite a while. But it gets updates and hence is up to date with present days requirements.


A Better Camera


The name of the app automatically puts responsibilities on it. And the app justifies its name. This camera app is simple one and emphasizes providing as much automation as possible for different picture-clicking scenarios.

It has so many clicking modes like Burts, Best Shot, Single Shot, Night Mode, etc. On top of that, features like exposure bracketing, HDR Photos & Videos, Object Removal, etc., are also available. It has a free version along with a paid one with extra unlocked features.


Snap Camera HDR


Another decent camera app on our list is Snap Camera HDR. Please don’t go over its name, and don’t expect any heavy-grade HDR algorithm applied to the clicked photos or videos. The app works just like any other third-party camera app. But it’s a fun app with the right balance of pro and beginner shooting options.

The app provides pro controls like  ISO, exposure, white balance, HDR, etc., and can also shoot in RAW format. On top of that, the app has a decent set of fun effects, borders, and live filters that can be applied within the app.




With control over aspect ratio and compression, the ProShot camera app can be a good option. The app was first launched for Windows phones, but with the extinction of Windows phones, the app has expanded its Android approach.

The app can shoot in RAW, which is a mandatory need for an advanced photographer. Shooting time-lapse videos, group shots with a timer, and burst mode for action shots are some more features you will get when installing the app.


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Bottom Line

Smartphone cameras are so much more capable than they look. Using a third-party camera app can provide better control of your phone’s camera in your hand. You can also use these apps to expand your camera’s feature set. We have listed some of the best camera apps for your Android smartphone. Some apps are feature-packed, while some are fun filters and effects-loaded ones.


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