10 Best Music Apps for Android in 2024

Are you looking for music apps? Here are the best music apps for Android to listen to a wide variety of songs in 2024.

Music has become an essential part of our daily life. It relaxes us in every situation. Are you having a bad day? Listen to some music or have a good day. Again the music is the way to make the most out of it.

For such things that we use daily, there should be a good app to listen to music on our smartphones. Finding free music is no more a challenging task, and piracy is no anymore the most convenient way to do so. There are so many Music Apps that you can use to get the best music for free and without piracy.

Whether you are looking for a piece of good music streaming app or have a music collection that you want to play, I have covered the solution for every single thing in this post. Here I have listed some of the best Music Apps for your Android phone that you can use to stream or play your music collection.

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Top 10 Best Music Apps for Android in 2024

Here is the list of the top 10 best music apps for Android to listen to your favorite music in 2024:



AIMP is a free audio player software that is available for Windows as well. Its first version was released for Windows back in 2006. And since then, the audio Player has gained a reputable position in the Android Music Player market.

The app is a pretty powerful music app and comes with a set of cool features that will help you to play your music collection at its best. It has one of the best music equalizers offered by any free app. The app may show some compatibility issues with MIUI and EMUI devices. Other features like HTTP streaming and volume normalization are also just fine.


Oto Music


Oto Music is an Indian Android Music App with a nice-looking minimal interface and easy navigation. The app is loaded with features like a Sleep timer, Android Auto support, and Chrome cast compatibility. There are also options for customizations via multiple now-playing themes along with light and dark modes.

The supports Normal and synchronized lyrics and the option to download and edit lyrics from within the app. For convenient operation and control over music, the app has a set of 5 widgets that you can use on your home screen.


Musicolet Music Player


Looking for a small, lightweight, and simple-looking music player who is also rich in features? Musicolet can be the one-word answer to your problem. The app is a pretty powerful option if you want the best possible music experience entirely offline. One feature that amazed me was the Multiple Queue options.

You can create a separate different queue while listening to one at the same time. This is a complete rarity as I have not seen this feature anywhere else. There is no distraction, like ads, as the app is completely offline, and hence you can isolate yourself to get submerged in your world of music.


BlackPlayer EX


Another famous music player for your Android phone that can be an elegant option for your music craving is BlackPlayer EX. It has cool customization options like six different fonts, eight different now-playing themes, and 11 color accents by which you can give your Music Player a unique look.

On top of that, BlackPlayer EX also has other options like customizable crossfading, Always On Display, Chromecast support, widgets, etc. It also has BlackPlayer Free Music Player, which is a free version of the same app. The free app is free from any ads but comes with a limited set of features than the paid version.




Just like AIMP, MediaMonkey is another freeware audio player software that was initially made for Windows but is now also available for Android. MediaMonkey is an excellent audio organizer and Player that you can use if you are the owner of a big offline music list. The app also does its job pretty well in organizing things like audiobooks and podcasts.

MediaMonkey utilizes its Windows compatibility via which you can sync your music library from PC to phone and vice versa over WiFi. I thought its a complicated procedure, but it is pretty unique. I wouldn’t say I liked the interface as it was the more retro style, and I am not a retro-style lover. But it depends on personal taste and differs from person to person.


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Phonograph Music Player


The phonograph is an open-source Android player that can halt the users’ quest for a simple and not-so-complex music player. The app comes with a decent set of features and customization options. You can choose different colors from the theme engine, add its widget on the home screen, playlist management, etc.

It also comes with the integration of last.fm, making the Player get some extra capabilities like automatic downloading of information about the artists such as their images or biographies. It also adds the scrobbling feature as well when you install the official last.fm app on your phone.


Pandora Music


Now I am switching to some good online music streaming apps, and the first among them is Pandora Music. Pandora Music is a popular online Music radio app that provides simplicity and cross-platform support.

You can access your music on virtually any available platform, and your stations sync across all of them. Pandora’s content library is also huge and can satisfy your craving for any music. Pandora also offers an on-demand streaming service like Spotify which makes it a good option to choose from.


Jango Radio


If you are searching for a completely free and no-ad music streaming app, the Jango is the one for you. Jango Radio is completely free that provides free and unlimited music listening to its users. Jango Radio has a pretty unique model of revenue.

It allows independent artists to pay for the plays of the music. This gives Jango Radio its operating revenue and keeps it free for common users. It has some cool stuff from big names and independent artists, and it’s a good way to discover new music.




One of the leading most popular music streaming apps is Spotify. The app has free access but offers ads in the experience. For streamlined and no-interruption expertise, the app offers paid plans. The app comes with all the features you can think of, like creating and editing playlists and stations based on your choice and support for Chromecast.

Spotify has one of the biggest music libraries, playlists, and curated stations. The free app is not as good as the paid one, but you can have a good experience with the free version to decide whether you need the paid version or not.


YouTube Music


YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, has also launched its music service, YouTube Music. Just like, YouTube, its music service also requires premium membership for background playback. You again can’t turn off the video that plays while playing the music on the app without a premium membership.

But no other streaming service can match the amount of content YouTube Music have. It uses the YouTube database and can be used to listen to almost any music along with a maximum number of variations of that music made by different YouTube creators and Labels.




SoundCloud is a uniquely popular platform made just for music creators and lovers. SoundCloud allows any artist to upload their music, and anyone around the globe can playback that content.

The app can be a charming place for those who love to try different music styles apart from what’s currently popular. The free version of the app allows you to listen mostly to independent artists, with the paid version enlarging the reach to more popular ones.


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Bottom Line

There are so many music apps available out there. And I have listed some of the best available that stand out from the rest. Some apps are for playing your offline music collection with grace, whereas some are popular music streaming apps. All the listed apps are available for free to use and a paid version for full access.


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