MSI Afterburner – How to Download, Install & Use It?

MSI Afterburner is a GPU control software to solve various gaming problems. Let's check out how to download, install and use the MSI Afterburner.

Personal computers can now handle many things. You can play very high and power-hungry games, do some heavy work, and do many more things. All of these are possible for powerful internal components. We all know that processor is the main component inside any computer. But along with the processor, every computer needs another component: the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Without having a powerful GPU, the processor will not perform at its max potential. 

Many desktops and laptops are available that come with a very powerful graphics card. But those performance is defined by the manufacturer. If you don’t know, you can overclock or underclock your processor and graphics card to get additional control. Overclock term is used to increase the speed, while underclock means decreasing speed. So in this article, we will learn about the MSI Afterburner, the most used software for graphics cards.

What is MSI Afterburner?

MSI Afterburner is a graphics card software developed by MSI and RivaTuner’s developer. It is the most used tool in the world for the graphics card. At first, this tool was developed only for MSI graphics cards. But now, it can be used on any graphics card available on the market. MSI Afterburner has many features that will enhance the performance of your GPU. Using this tool, you can do overclocking as well as underclocking, benchmarking, increasing or decreasing fan speed, OC Scanner, and many more advanced things. 

If you are a gamer, this is a must-have tool. With this tool, you will be able to boost your performance. The best part is that it is completely free and works on all graphics cards, no matter whether you have an Nvidia or AMD GPU. MSI Afterburner’s overclocking feature is based on the RiverTuner utility. Though the old RiverTuner program is unmaintained, the RiverTuner Statistics Server, a hardware and frame rate monitor, is still properly maintained and installed with the MSI Afterburner installer.

How to Download, Install & Use MSI Afterburner?

The MSI Afterburner is still the most used utility software to maximize graphics card performance. So if you don’t know how to download, install and Use, follow all the below processes.

How to Download the MSI Afterburner Tool

You need to download the MSI Afterburner software first before installing it. For that-

  • Turn on your computer and launch the web browser first. 
  • Next, type MSI Afterburner on the web browser and press the enter key to search.
  • After that, you have to click on the first result, which is MSI’s official website to download the MSI Afterburner program. So clicking on the link will open the official page with the download link. 
  • To download, click on the Download Afterburner button, or you can also click here to download as well.
  • Then select the file location where you want to download the file and start downloading.

How to Install MSI Afterburner Software

You have already downloaded the MSI Afterburner program. So now it is time to install that on your program to take advantage of it. To install successfully-

  • Open the folder where you have downloaded the installer file. It will be a zip file, so you will have to Extract it before preceding forwarded.
  • To Extract a zip file, you will need another program named WinRAR. If your computer doesn’t have installed already, you have to install it first. It is free, so click here to download the WinRAR software on your computer and install it.
  • After that, right-click on the downloaded MSI Afterburner installed zip file and select the Extract option. It will take some time to extract depending upon the speed of your computer.
  • Next, you will see the MSI Afterburner setup file and double-click on that. Select the language first and follow the instructions to install the MSI Afterburner software.

Before quitting the process, make sure that the RiverTurner Statistics Server is also selected to install. After following all the procedures, the MSI Afterburner software will get installed on your computer.

How to Set Up MSI Afterburner


You have successfully installed the MSI Afterburner software properly. So now it is time to set up the program on your computer. To set up correctly, follow the below steps-

  • Click on the Windows Start button and double-click on the MSI Afterburner application to open it.
  • Now it will open the application, and the first thing to do is click on the Settings icon.
  • Inside the Settings menu, you will see many options under the General tab. You can checkmark the Unlock voltage control and the Unlock voltage monitoring option there. 
  • Next, click on the Monitoring tab on the top. Here you can change the tray color, font, etc. After that, go to the User Interface tab.
  • Now you will be able to change the temperature and time format and the user interface skinning properties. There are many skins already available, so choose what you like most. Besides, it also has options to adjust transparency and scaling.
  • To save all the settings, click on the OK button, and it will ask you to reboot your computer. So click on the Yes button, and your computer will reboot automatically.

How to Use MSI Afterburner Software


You have properly set up the MSI Afterburner applications and all the settings. But before diving into overclocking and other exciting things, you have to follow the below steps-. 

  • After setting up the settings, you have rebooted the computer. Now launch the MSI Afterburner application from the Windows Start menu. Once the application is opened, you will see the ‘K’ letter somewhere in the application.
  • Now notice on that button whether it is highlighted and clickable or not. If not, that means you have to install it. [The K letter button stands for Kombustor. It is an MSI-exclusive burn-in benchmarking tool based on the FurMark software. This program is used to measure the limits of the graphics card. It tests the stability and thermal performance as well. So before going forward, it is recommended to know the limits of your graphics card to prevent damage.]
  • To download the Kombustor app, open the browser and type MSI Kombustor app and follow the official link or you can click here to go to the direct download link.
  • After going to the official link, click on the big red Download button and choose the file location where you want to save it. Once the download process is completed, install the Kombustor app.
  • The ‘K’ button on the MSI Afterburner app should be highlighted and clickable. So click on the button and start the Stress test. This stress test will give a clear result about your graphics card, and also, you will be able to monitor GPU Load and Temp on the Kombustor app, which will provide a more precise idea about the Graphics Card’s performance.
  • Once the test is completed, you should record the performance scores before closing the program to see them later without rerunning the Stress test.

Now you have a clear idea about your computer’s graphics card limit. The data you have got from the Kombustor app will help you determine the limit of overclocking of the graphics card. Don’t go above the limit as it might damage the GPU. Also, you should look in different forums to know more about the graphics card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main functionalities of MSI Afterburner?

The MSI Afterburner comes with many advanced features like Overclocking, Underclocking, Voltage control, etc. You can use these to maximize the performance of the graphics card.

Do you need any install any hardware to use MSI Afterburner?

No! You have to download all the required files from the official website and properly install them on your computer. After doing everything properly, you will be able to take all the advantages.

Can you use MSI Afterburner without knowing much about the basics?

You can use the MSI Afterburner as it has an auto overclocking feature that overclocks the GPU automatically. But it is always recommended to know the basics before doing anything.

Final Thoughts

MSI Afterburner is a great software to get the maximum performance out of your graphics card. It allows you to overclock the GPU so that you can get more smooth performance and frame rates while playing games and doing other tasks. However, you can also use this program to control voltage and underclocking the GPU. This way, you will be able to increase your laptop’s battery life by slightly decreasing the graphics performance. 

Although, you should know what you are doing before diving into this. If you are not serious, you might damage your GPU. That is why in this article, we have given all the steps and procedures on how to use the MSI Afterburner software properly. We hope you have liked our article and it has helped you understand. Still, you can comment below if you have more doubts, and we will get back as soon as possible.


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